Free Video Counselling

London Friend

London Friend offers new online video counselling as part of a pilot. While some people prefer counselling in person, for others it might be difficult to come to our premises or they feel more comfortable in the environment of their own home.

They currently offer six free online counselling sessions (plus the first assessment). Just like in regular on-site counselling, you would be able to access support and discuss issues and challenges you may be experiencing. As a member of the LGBT community it might be helpful to talk to a trained counsellor about issues such as gender or sexuality, depression, lack of confidence, destructive behaviour, relationship or family issues, bereavement etc.


For more information about referrals visit,


ELOP is a holistic lesbian and gay centre that offers a range of social, emotional and support services to LGBT communities, and their core services include counselling and young people’s services. 


If you'd like to talk with ELOP about their video counselling service call, 020 8509 3898  or email them on [email protected]. For more info about ELOP and what they can offer visit,

Online Peer-Support


OutLife Provides a safe and non-judgemental space for LGBTQ+ people to talk to one another about their issues and life experience. You can talk about anything that worries you such as mental health, sexual health, coming out and family or relationship issues. OutLife's forums are designed to compliment existing services and should not replace your relationship with your GP or counsellor.