Words by Liam Murphy | @liamwaterloo  | Photos: © Shutterstock

I contemplated the title of this issue for a long time. I considered making it a question: ‘Is the gay community racist?’. 

Sticking a question on the front cover is usually a good way of enticing people to open the issue, however, in this case the question was redundant.

As was pointed out to me by several friends and in particular Marc Thompson of BlackOut UK: the gay community IS racist. 

LGBT people of colour live it every day, so asking the question, which has been asked so many times before (even in past issues of FS), is futile and actually a bit insulting to LGBT people of colour.

What we’ve tried to do with the main feature of this issue is not ask the question of “is the gay community is racist?”, but actually discuss the problems too. 

We spoke to gay men of colour about their experiences, where the gay community fails them and what the gay community – and wider society – can do to make an effective and positive change.

 Instead of just repeating the same old shocking stats (although they are included, shocking stats fans), we want to look to forward to see what really needs to change in the gay community to tackle racism and to make different ethnicities more visible within the gay community. 

Whether we’ve achieved this, I’m sure you will tell us.

I also didn’t want this to be a token issue. The majority of writers and voices for this issue are gay men of colour but I don’t want that to end here. 

I’m pledging to actively engage these writers for future issues and make different voices a part of the make-up of all future issues of FS. That said, if you want to contribute to FS or get more involved with GMFA in the future, get in touch with me and pitch your idea.

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