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Specific Rim - tales of eating ass

I’ve written about sex a lot for FS, probably more times than I’ve actually had sex. From fucking to sucking and spaffing to wanking, I thought I’d covered it all, until I realised there’s a big gaping hole in my literary works (trust me, this is going somewhere). It’s time to discuss that little talked about foreplay staple – rimming (see, I said this was going somewhere). 

For some ‘rimming’ can be a dirty word (you can draw your own innuendo conclusions here) while others adore their cake being eaten, yet rimming has yet to join the ranks of “fuck me” and “suck me” as go-to mainstream sex talk. Well, today that changes. Today is the day it enters our fucking vocab and we show you how to get the art of rimming licked.

Enraptured by rimming

For some, rimming is an essential part of sex, particularly foreplay. “I can’t get fucked without getting rimmed first,” explains Joseph, 32. “I think it’s part of the build up of sex and without it, I don’t get horny enough and getting fucked isn’t as enjoyable for me. When I do get rimmed, it’s like my other half is taking the time to pleasure me. It makes me feel like I’m not just a hole. It also opens me up and preps me.”

“I really like getting rimmed,” says 23-year-old Nathan. “I don’t need to be rimmed to get fucked but it does help. It feels really good when they make it really wet and put their tongue in deep – it’s the combination of spit and tongue I love. It’s weird as it’s more relaxing than arousing, I’d say.”

27-year-old Tom told us: “One of the things I love about gettting rimmed is the stubble of a man’s beard against my cheeks. Sometimes it can be better than the tongue action itself. But what I do love about rimming itself is that the tongue is more flexible than anything else. It can do more than a finger and sometimes a cock is too much.”

Jeff, 29 from Newcastle told us why he loves getting rimmed: “For me, I can come just by being rimmed. It’s like so fucking horny to see a guy eat me out. It’s kinda animalistic and the feeling of his tongue just makes my whole body tingle.”

It’s not just those on the receiving end of a tongue bath who like rimming, as Anthony, 26, confirms. “I’m not a big fan of having my ass eaten but I love to do it. It’s one of my biggest turn-ons. To have a guy bent over beneath me and to spread his ass and slip in my tongue really gets me going. As a top, I also think it’s important to get the guy ready and really work them up for my dick.”

21-year-old Stephen told us: “I love the taste of eating ass. Yes I know that you’re basically tasting a poop hole but the raw smell and sweating ass cheeks creates this taste that I just love. Some people like to sniff armpits. I love the taste of a sweaty ass.”

Rim no more

Just as some men don’t like anal, many hate the idea of being rimmed or rimming in general.

Josh, 24 from the US told us: “Ewww, the idea of someone sticking thier tongue in my ass and then kissing me makes me want to vomit. I already have a hard time kissing someone after they lick my dick.”

24-year-old Nick agrees: “There is no way I’d let anyone lick my ass. It may feel great but nope. It’s not going to happen. Your ass is for shitting and putting things in. I don’t want to taste shit. Nope.”

Rimming mishaps

Occasionally things can go a little awry when analingusing. Rob, 36 from London told us: “I was eating a guy out once and it took me a while to realise he wasn’t completely clean. Let’s just say it wasn’t a completely fresh taste. I sent him to the shower to clean up a bit but by that point the mood was dead. We just watched Netflix.”

Michael is 27 and from Manchester. He told us: “I was once rimming a guy I brought home. He was really enjoying it but I guess we had a little too much to drink and he couldn’t control himself. Maybe he was a little too relaxed and while I was rimming him he farted straight into my mouth. At first I was like WTF until the smell hit me and my gag reflex kicked in and I got sick all over his back. Yeah, that was awkward.”

And even though traditional methods of fucking aren’t involved, STIs are still a risk, as Jason discovered. “I used to love rimming, well, I still do. I probably enjoy it more than giving head but now I’m just much more wary about doing it after what happened to me in a Spanish sauna. After some time well-spent rimming a few guys there it led me to throwing up on the hour, every hour, on the flight home. This was followed by the worst diarrhoea of my life, fever dreams and night sweats. It was possibly the most ill I’ve ever been in my life. I later discovered that I’d picked up Shigella, probably from the rimming, and despite the weight loss and the bonus of having cheekbones, it’s not an experience I’m looking to repeat ever again.”

How risky is rimming?

There is no data to suggest that anyone has caught HIV from rimming,

Hepatitis A is most often caught from rimming and gonorrhoea can also be passed on through rimming.

Shigella, an infection that can cause an upset stomach, can be caught through rimming.

Even a recently washed arse may carry some extremely infectious, microscopic organisms, but there is an even greater risk if you rim someone who hasn’t washed beforehand, or who is suffering from diarrhoea.

The risks associated with rimming can be prevented by using a dental dam, although not many guys use them.

You can get a vaccination against hepatitis A and B.

Tips for better rimming

Clean out your arse. It is important to shower before getting your can canoodled. Stick a wet finger into your arse to eliminate fecal remnants, or you can use an enema for a thorough rectal rinsing.

Shave or no shave. Do you HAVE to shave? Nope. Lots of men love a hairy arse to lick. But, having a smooth posterior heightens your sphincter’s sensitivity to touch.

Use a dental dam. It can help to have a protective layer between the arse and mouth so as not to spread infection, intestinal parasites, bacteria, viruses or diseases from one orifice to another. You can improvise by using an un-lubricated condom, latex glove or even plastic wrap cut into large squares.

Rinse your mouth. If you didn’t use oral protection, make sure you swish with mouthwash or antiseptic afterwards to sanitize the area. Plus, no one wants arse-breath.

Tips for the giver:

Use your breath. Blow warm air on to the anus and the skin surrounding it, or just hover above and breathe against it.

Use your tongue, obvs! Lay it flat to lick, flick, rub and push against the general backside region, or you can make it stiff and hard to penetrate, probe, tap and trace the anal rim.

Use your lips. Kiss and suck the arsehole, taint, inner thighs, crack of the ass, buttocks, lower back and the back of the legs.

Use your fingers and hands. Probe his rectum and pull apart the butt cheeks. You also can reach around from behind and fondle his cock.

Use your teeth. As long as you are only doing little nibbles or gentle love bites – not hard chomps.

Use your toys. Butt plugs and dildos can be used in the arse to help stimulate the prostate.

Positions for the receiver:

  • Sit on your partner’s face.
  • Try a 69.
  • Lay face down with pillows under your hips, elevating them from the bed.
  • Get on all fours, arch your back, spread your knees and arse cheeks apart.
  • Lie on your back with a pillow under your arse, lifting it up in the air.
  • Lie on your back, pulling your ankles to your ears, and expose your hole.
  • Stand facing the wall, or bend from your waist, with your legs spread wide.
  • Suspending yourself upside down, open your legs in a V formation.

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Shigella (or bacillary dysentery) is a bacterial infection which you can get by coming into contact with shit.

You can get it from having sex with someone who has it, especially from rimming, but also from fisting, fingering or sharing of sex toys and douches, as it’s easy to get tiny bits of shit on your hands and then to get that in your mouth.

You can also get it from drinking contaminated water or by eating unwashed contaminated food.

Recently, Shigella has become more common amongst men who have sex with men. Transmission of Shigella seems to be more common amongst men with HIV and amongst men who sero-sort – sex between men with the same HIV status. You only need to get a tiny amount of the bacteria in your mouth to start feeling sick.   

How do I prevent it?

It’s important to wash your hands regularly, especially after going to the toilet and during or after sex.

To reduce the likelihood of infection, use gloves for fisting and condoms for fucking or sharing toys and wash your hands or shower after having sex.

If you are having bareback sex, avoid sucking cock after it’s been up yours or someone else’s arse in order to avoid the bacteria getting into your mouth.

If you have been diagnosed with Shigella, avoid having sex until you have fully recovered so that you don’t pass it on to your partners.

How do I know I’ve got it?

You can begin to experience diarrhoea combined with fever, abdominal cramps and/or rectal pain between 12 and 96 hours after becoming infected with Shigella. Symptoms can also include severe and bloody diarrhoea.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should get yourself tested by your GP or at a GUM clinic. Most of the time you will recover with no complications within a week or ten days but in some cases, especially if you have severe and/or bloody diarrhoea, you may need to take antibiotics.

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