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About OutLife

OutLife is the home of health and life advice for LGBTQ+ people. OutLife was set up because HERO - Health Equality and Rights Organisation, the parent organisation of OutLife, believes that not enough is being done to curb the high levels of mental illness and suicide among LGBTQ+ people in the UK. 

LGBTQ+ people are more likely to:

  • Experience mental illness issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Experience suicidal thoughts or act on those thoughts
  • Die by suicide
  • Experience self harm 

LGBTQ+ people are also more likely to:

  • Abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Be involved in harder sex and drug scene such as 'chemsex'
  • Are twice more likely to smoke
  • Have higher rates of HIV and STIs, especially gay men and trans people. 

LGBTQ+ people also face discrimination, bullying, hate crime and intimidation simply for being LGBTQ+ 

And this is why OutLife exists. We believe that LGBTQ+ people deserve health equality, while experiencing life as an LGBTQ+ person without judgement. 

OutLife exists to empower LGBTQ+ people to take control of their health and well-being, while creating personal and social change in their lives and our community. 

Why OutLife?

In creating OutLife, we wanted to make sure we can provide the LGBTQ+ community as best we can. To make sure we give LGBTQ+ people want they want we surveyed over 1433 LGBTQ+ people. 

  • 24.58% described themselves as Gay
  • 31.22% described themselves as Bisexual
  • 11.98% described themselves as Heterosexual
  • 2.44% described themselves as Asexual
  • 13.74% described themselves as Pansexual
  • 5.50% described themselves as Questioning 
  • 10.53% described themselves as Lesbian


95% were under the age of 35. 


  • 19.52% were Male
  • 56.89% were Female
  • 9.31% were Trans Male
  • 0.63% were Trans Female
  • 8.47% were Non-binary
  • 1.26% were Agender
  • 0.84% were Bigender
  • 3.08% were Other

We asked: On which of the following topics have you recently sought advice online? 

Mental health
Happiness / wellbeing
Sexual health
Drugs / alcohol abuse
Money matters
My rights at work
Reproductive rights

We asked: "I would use mental health resources if they were featured on OutLife"

75.55% said they would. 

We asked: Which mental health resources would you use if included in OutLife? (tick all that apply

Depression and anxiety guidance and facts
Guidance for LGBTQ+ specific issues (body image in gay community etc.._)
Mood assessment tool
Suicide prevention resources
Links to therapeutic treatments and services
Peer support forums
Live-chat service

We asked: Respond to the following statement: "I would use sexual health guidance and tools if featured on OutLife."

58.12% said they would.

We asked: Which sexual health resources would you use if featured on OutLife? (Tick all that apply)

Safer sex guides
Lesbian and trans-specific resources
STI information
Automated sexual health assessment tool
HIV info pages
Links to clinics
Links to home testing
Information about navigating hookup culture and apps
PrEP and PEP guidance

We asked: Respond to the following statement: "I would use information and advice about LGBT rights if featured on OutLife"

78.25% said they would.

We asked: Which rights topics would you want to access if featured on OutLife? (tick all that apply)

Travel (LGBTQ rights country by country)
Healthcare rights
Asylum / refugee

We asked: Respond to the following statement: "I would use LGBT life-guidance resources if featured on OutLife - e.g guide to coming out, or navigating religion and sexuality"

71.82% said they would. 

We asked: Respond to the following statement: "I would use resources about LGBT+ relationships if featured on OutLife"

71.66% said they would. 

We asked: What LGBT relationship topics would you like to see on OutLife? (Tick all that apply)

Domestic abuse
Marriage / civil partnerships
Open relationships

Why do we need LGBT+ services? 

Recent research suggests that LGBT+ people are more likely to use services that are aimed at them with imagery and language that represents them. LGBT+ people are also more likely to trust the information that is provided to them if they know that to comes from their peers. 

We asked some of the LGBTQ+ people who responded to our survey why they use OutLife over general or other services. 

Jake a 21 year old Trans Man told us: "As a trans gay man it can be difficult to find information and advice. Many times I have to site hop and even at that the quality of advice is not the best. So to have someone where everything is together is really helpful. I can see lots of trans people using OutLife." 

Isabella, a 16 year old Lesbian said: "I find it very difficult to find information about sex for lesbians. Many times when I search for it online I get lesbian porn. To have a site I know I can go to and trust would be amazing. I just want to talk with others like me about the issues I go through"

Ben, a 22 year old gay man told us: "I've gone through periods in my life where I tried to take my life before of being bullied because of my sexuality. I tried going on forums on youth sites but many of the times the people responding to me are straight and just don't get it. We need sites like Out Life that are run by people like us so we can help and support one another."

Tina, a 16 year old trans woman said: "Before I transitioned I tried to kill myself so many times. I didn't want to be trans. I wish OutLife was there for me back then. Maybe it would have made life a little easier."

Simon, a 25 year old gay man told us: "I have mental health issues, I suffer bouts of depression from time to time. I find it difficult to talk to my friends about it. Reading stories from other people helps me. I would also love to talk to someone, even if they are just like me, from time to time without feeling guilting about burdening my friends about my issues. A support forum on OutLife would be amazing."

Patrick a 29 year old gay man said: "I got married a couple of years ago. About a year into the marriage things started to get rocky. I suddenly realised that I had no support network of people. My straight friends couldn't really relate to my marriage. When I went looking to talk to someone about my problems in my marriage there was little or no support services aimed at gay people. I think if OutLife could give some basic advice for LGBT people about marriage and divorce that would be wonderful."

If you would like to talk to someone from OutLife, email us on [email protected].

OutLife's supporters:

The majority of OutLife is funded through community donations, however we are thankful to our supporters. Without them OutLife wouldn't exist. Out current supporters are: 


The Big Lottery Fund provided OutLife with support to create an LGBTQ+ image bank that we use to make sure the content on OutLife is representative of our community. 

The City Bridge Trust provides OutLife with support for our help and support hub due to launch in September 2019.