What is a hate crime?

Should you report it? Who to call? Your questions answered by a genuine, bona fide police officer.Read more

What’s wrong with camp gay men?

Camp men paved the way for the gay movement a few decades ago, yet today we are being pushed aside, in favour of macho men with toned muscles.Read more

What is sex really like for a gay trans man?

Despite the wonderful diversity within our LGBTQ communities, it can sometimes feel like the ‘T’ is silent. Trans people are often left off the sexual health agenda, and even within community spaces, transphobia is rife.Read more

How are you?

How are you? It’s a question you’ll often hear as you go about your day. The easy answer is “I’m fine.”Read more

Religion + gay sex = guilt?

Conservative religious groups are the powering force behind these discriminatory bills and at the forefront of arguments condemning LGBT inclusive SRE.Read more

Why gay men need to ditch their inner bitch.

You know who I’m talking about. The wannabe diva queens or the ‘masc 4 masc’ bro dudes who cling on to their cliché friends like their lives depended on it.Read more

Mental health and the gay community

Mental health is a topic people still find difficult to discuss, even with their closest circle of friends. If you ask us gays, we are all fabulous. “Depressed, me? Struggling? Never!” Which is ironic, considering the staggering amount of data proving otherwise.Read more

Six reasons why gay men drink so much

It’s not easy to sit down and plan out an issue to do with alcohol and gay men. Why? Well, who wants to be told they are drinking too much or too often? Not me. I like a drink just as much as the next person.Read more

Do you know your LGBT history?

One Oscar winner seems to have attracted the attention of many people for his winning speech.Read more

Muslim, gay and suicidal

When reconciling being gay with faith all I can say is this: I read the Qur’an and the Bible when I was trying to come to terms with my sexual orientation 24 years agoRead more