I'm black but I am not a thug

From my teenage years, I have been met with negative stereotypes. In strangers’ minds, my being black and being very tall, has been equated with me being intimidating, menacing, and threatening...Read more

Gay men: step up and become a trans ally

I’ve not always been a great ally of trans people. With the benefit of hindsight I can see that was partly caused by my fear of any femininity within myself.Read more

What’s wrong with camp gay men?

Camp men paved the way for the gay movement a few decades ago, yet today we are being pushed aside, in favour of macho men with toned muscles.Read more

Do gay characters on TV help people come out?

“How do I come out?” It’s a question that I’ve been asked before and, interestingly, I always seem to start talking about TV storylines.Read more

TRUE LIFE: How I came out to my family and friends

"Like a lot of us, I’d always cast a sideways glance at that copy of Gay Times or Attitude on the top shelf of my local newsagents, and remember the all consuming wave of nausea and panic that overcame me the first time I bought one."Read more

Telling my family I’m living with HIV is the best thing I’ve done

By the time I arrived at home I was an emotional and exhausted wreck. We had not long finished our dinner when I saw my younger brother who, sitting on the opposite side of the table, gave me a look as to say ‘go on, tell them’. It was then I proceeded to break down in tears as I told my parents I was HIV-positive.Read more

I’m still in love with him – how getting over your ex is a journey

Getting over someone is hard. Trying to forgot about his mannerisms, the way he called you ‘babe’ or the way he spoke your name is easier said than done.Read more

The rise of the gay super geek

Following the sweeping phenomenon that has taken the world by storm with the release of Pokemon Go, I have taken it upon myself to find out what the fuss is all about with the help of an awesome LGBT gaming group called LDNGaymers.Read more

TRUE LIFE: I was an alcoholic and a chems addict. I’m now sober and engaged.

Less than two months of being sober and drug free and I literally have everything working out for me. I felt happy... finally.Read more

No speak English?

Mark Reed is currently working abroad as an English teacher in Cali, Colombia. He is originally from Ireland but lives in North London. While in Colombia, Mark reflects on moving to another country with limited knowledge of the language and looks at how gay men from other countries, with limited English, may feel when they move to the UK.Read more