Racism and the gay scene

Over 850 Black, white, Asian, South Asian, Arab and mixed race gay men shared their thoughts on race and racism with FS.Read more

Dear white gay men...

Last month we asked guys to fill in a short survey about racism. Over 400 white gay men responded. We asked for their honest thoughts on racism on the gay scene – whether they discriminate against other races, whether they have ever experienced racism themselves, and their general thoughts about preference vs. racism.Read more

OPINION: Want to stop racism?

Stating “No Asians” on a dating app in her mind, is no different from saying “No blondes” or if her heterosexual husband said “No men”Read more

My BIG gay sex problem #148

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

The BIG young and gay rule book

If you’re under 25 like me, you’ve had the enormous luck of growing up in the best ever era in which to be a gay man. Marriage is all of a sudden a possibility, even if we are just awkwardly navigating our first relationships. Will and Grace and Queer as Folk were already mainstream hits by the time we were still in diapers. Every day in the news it seems that another celebrity comes out of the closet, and is embraced by the public.Read more

TRUE LIFE: My battle with food, body image and self worth

Body image is something I’ve always struggled with. Whether or not that’s the acceptance of others or just accepting myself. But spending 18 years of my life overweight might be something to do with that.Read more