Chemsex Exposed

“I got into it through clubbing in Vauxhall and at East Bloc,” says Ben, 27 from Newcastle. “Me and my partner would go there and select couples to come chill out with us, take drugs, and fuck. For days on end sometimes.”Read more

TRUE LIFE: My night on G gave me HIV

Go to a chill-out, they said. It would be fun, they said. But no, not for me. I ended up with HIV.Read more

TRUE LIFE: HIV, chemsex and me

I have been on PEP twice. The first time was after having unprotected sex with a partner who was diagnosed the day after a 24-hour bareback chem session during which I bled and he came inside me.Read more


Some gay men love blow jobs. Whether they are the sucker or the sucked, their sex life just wouldn’t be the same without a little oral indulgence.Read more

My big gay sex problem #147

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

Revenge porn is a dish best served cold

Most guys I know don’t hesitate to take intimate photos or videos of themselves – either solo or with someone else.Read more

TRUE LIFE: My alcohol and drug relapse taught me recovery is not easy

I didn’t become an addict overnight and I can’t give it all up overnight either. But I can tell you that once I started on the path of finding my way, it started to become clearer and easier.Read more

Dear effeminate gay men. You’re fucking fabulous!

I’m a campy, limp-wristed, queen of a man! This sentence paints a picture of me being an exaggerated gay caricature. Perhaps true. But to me these words fundamentally communicate effeminacy. So to break it down – I’m an effeminate gay man. Phew, I’m glad to get that off my chest!Read more

6 ways you know he’s NOT the man for you

I’ve been writing for FS for a little while now and out of all of the articles I’ve written, THIS is the one that’s closest to my stone heart.Read more

"I caught my new guy and HIV-positive ex fucking bareback on NYE"

I had never felt so much anger in my entire life. Neither had I felt such a gut-wrenching sense of betrayal, and from my ex-boyfriend...Read more