No Anal Sex Please, We’re Gay

We talk a lot about sex at FS. Every article seems to be about the best way to get your cum cudgel away, expunging your joy juice and all sorts of other analogies (ANALogies – in case you didn’t get that cheap joke).Read more

Sort It Out - Never had sex and terrified of HIV

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

Is alcohol a gateway drug to chemsex?

Warren came out at age 18. It was a good time for him – exploring the Soho gay bars with mates, having a few drinks, some clumsy drunken sexual encounters, mostly good times. Not so lucky with relationships, but lots of awesome one-night-stands. Plenty of hangovers sure, but that’s being young and single.Read more

Lust, guilt and double standards - a gay guide to sport

Sport is sexy? Whenever I fancy a bit of ‘me time’, which is fairly often these days, the search terms that my greasy fingers are usually punching into my laptop are something like ‘tumblr gay porn sport’ –job done.Read more

What makes a gay icon?

Every generation has a different set of criteria for what it means to be a gay icon but the common denominator seems to be an ability to overcome adversity.Read more

When life got tough I turned to alcohol and drugs

Imagine being stuck in a hole that you cannot get out of, and then out of nowhere this hand appears. You take hold of it and it pulls you to the light. That hole was my abyss, somewhere I chose to hide, thinking that nothing could touch me or affect me. It didn’t work. Trying to hide from your problems never works. Eventually they catch up with you, and make matters worse.Read more

Open relationships? It’s a no from me

I’m 21 and a monogamist (at least I would be if I had a boyfriend). There, I said it.Read more