This boy is a bottom

“Are you top or bottom?” – one of the first questions you’re probably asked on any gay dating app.Read more

How dare you be fat!

I have a confession to make. I am gay-fat.Read more

Status Update: Gay – coming out online

When Olympic diving star Tom Daley posted a video on YouTube announcing his same-sex relationship, he joined a small but significant group of celebrities brave enough to declare their sexuality to the world. While the inevitable media frenzy focused on the revelation itself, the biggest surprise was his refreshingly honest approach and his use of social media to make the announcement.Read more

TRUE LIFE: "I got HIV from my boyfriend"

Two years ago, I thought I’d met the man who was going to be the person I did this with. He was charming and loved all the same things I did. We went out on many dates, had a great time and were madly in love. After eight months he moved in to my one-bedroom flat and we were happy.Read more