Domestic violence advice

Domestic violence happens in same-sex relationships too. Just because it’s two men or two women doesn’t mean someone is allowed to hit you or emotionally abuse you. No-one, whether gay, lesbian, bi, trans or straight, should be in an abusive relationship. Read more

Conversion therapy: the facts

Being pushed into a "gay -cure"? It's both damaging and unscientific. Read more

What is a hate crime?

Should you report it? Who to call? Your questions answered by a genuine, bona fide police officer. Read more

How to survive a hate crime

The 11th of June, 2016, was a Saturday night like any other at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando. Last orders had been called at the bar as the crowd danced on to the final few songs. At the same time, Omar Mateen walked into the club with an assault rifle and opened fire. He killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in one of the most horrific LGBT hate crimes in history. You might want to think differently but violence towards the LGBT community is alive and well. Read more