I’m suicidal - help

Whatever's going on with you, help is out there.


Author: Justin Mahboubian-Jones

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What are the signs of depression?

Here's what to look out for.

Coming out

People come out at all ages and in different ways.

Gay men: step up and become a trans ally

I’ve not always been a great ally of trans people. With the benefit of hindsight I can see that was partly caused by my fear of any femininity within myself.

How I came out to my family and friends

"Like a lot of us, I’d always cast a sideways glance at that copy of Gay Times or Attitude on the top shelf of my local newsagents, and remember the all consuming wave of nausea and panic that overcame me the first time I bought one."

OPINION: Want to stop racism?

Stating “No Asians” on a dating app in her mind, is no different from saying “No blondes” or if her heterosexual husband said “No men”


Author: Ian Howley

Find Support

You aren't alone


Author: Justin Mahboubian-Jones

How to find a therapist

There's more than one way to access psychotherapy




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