A-Z of gender identity

A crash course on gender identity


Author: Ian Howley

STI home testing - how does it work?

Not showing symptoms? A postal testing kit could work for you.


Author: Justin Mahboubian-Jones

Mental health and the gay community

Mental health is a topic people still find difficult to discuss, even with their closest circle of friends. If you ask us gays, we are all fabulous. “Depressed, me? Struggling? Never!” Which is ironic, considering the staggering amount of data proving otherwise.


Author: Ian Howley

You make me ashamed to be gay

Are you homophobic?


Author: Ian Howley

What are the signs of depression?

Here's what to look out for.

5 ways to improve your mental health

How important is it to look after your mental health? Very, actually. All too often gay men spend far more time working on our abs than our mental health.


Author: Ian Howley

'Just Man Up' - the stigma of silence is killing us

I have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts on and off for my entire adult life.

Dear straight people...

...what should you say when someone comes out to you?


  • STI home testing - how does it work?

    Not showing symptoms? A postal testing kit could work for you. Read more

  • How to tumble out of the closet

    Coming out to your family can seem like the most scary thing in the world to do. Whatever stage of life you come to it at, there’s always going to be trepidation. I remember being a teenager and absolutely dreading that my family would find out. Read more

  • I'm black but I am not a thug

    From my teenage years, I have been met with negative stereotypes. In strangers’ minds, my being black and being very tall, has been equated with me being intimidating, menacing, and threatening... Read more

  • Gay men: step up and become a trans ally

    I’ve not always been a great ally of trans people. With the benefit of hindsight I can see that was partly caused by my fear of any femininity within myself. Read more

  • Call out for LGBT+ models

    WE NEED YOU! Read more

  • I'm black, gay and living with HIV

    The truth is that you don’t have to be subjected to discrimination that many times along the road before you begin to expect it at every turn. Read more

  • Can politics end racism in the gay community?

    Is there racism in the gay community? Yes, because hatred and fear and loathing, spite and routine, irrationality and misoneism; these things infect everywhere. Read more

  • 5 things an Asian guy hears on a regular basis

    If you’re an Asian guy like me then not a week, or often a day, goes by when I don’t have to endure some form of casual racism. Read more

  • Being black and gay: the illusion of inclusion

    The illusion of inclusion is how I would describe the LGBT community in Britain. The gay community loves to pay lip service to being accepting of everyone... Read more

  • Beyond Grindr: Racism, fetishisation and reimagining queer black masculinities

    Report after report and survey after survey demonstrates that for BAME people in LGBTQ communities racism is a near universal experience...very rarely do these reports answer more difficult questions about the nature of this racism. Read more

  • Meet the white gay men who are racist

    It’s a sad fact that elements of the gay community are racist. Some are overtly racist directly through their language and actions, while there are others who don’t even recognise that they are racist. Read more

  • Racism isn't a question

    I contemplated the title of this issue for a long time. I considered making it a question: ‘Is the gay community racist?’. Read more