Pretty Hurts

71% of those surveyed admitted they’re not happy with their body shape.


Author: Ian Howley

7 ways to improve your mental health

There's more to caring for your mind than antidepressants and talk therapy.


Author: Justin Mahboubian-Jones

Who is your LGBT role model?

I’ve been thinking about role models a lot recently. At work, near the water machine, a colleague fired a question that had me stumped: “So Vish, who is your role model?”...


Author: Liam Murphy

TRUE LIFE: I think about killing myself every day

I was amazed to find out that the number one killer of young gay men was not HIV, it’s suicide, but yet it seems all the gay community talks about is HIV and STIs. You want to talk about stigma?

How to find a therapist

There's more than one way to access psychotherapy



Safe Sex and STIS - a guide for lesbians

Think lesbians aren't at risk of STIs? Think again.


Author: Ian Howley

How to support a friend who is feeling depressed

When a friend is battling with depression, it can be hard to know what to do.


  • My G-filled Night in Brighton

    I woke up to a beautiful early September morning, possibly one of the last scorchers of the year. Upon opening my curtains, a trip down to Brighton beach seemed like a thoroughly enticing idea. So I armed myself with a good book, an embarrassingly high SPF and set off. Read more

  • Is it because we’re gay or is it because we’re men?

    Are gay men, as some would have it, ‘the biggest suicide cult in history’ or are we just having a good time? It’s well known that we have sex with more people than our heterosexual brothers. Read more

  • Domestic violence advice

    Domestic violence happens in same-sex relationships too. Just because it’s two men or two women doesn’t mean someone is allowed to hit you or emotionally abuse you. No-one, whether gay, lesbian, bi, trans or straight, should be in an abusive relationship. Read more

  • How to beat loneliness this Christmas

    Things you can do to keep yourself safe and mentally healthy. Read more

  • How to Survive Christmas

    It's isn't a merry Christmas for everyone. Our advice for getting through the holidays. Read more

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